Control in the palm of your hand

There is money in my account, but how much is really left to spend?

Budgie helps you achieve financial mastery

Smooth out the bumps

Large Infrequent Expenses

Knowing the rego is due, and having enough set aside to pay for it, are two different things

Unplanned but mandatory expenses

Whether its a wedding gift or emergency medical treatment, some expenses can't be avoided

Keep some fuel in reserve

You don't want to run out of petrol. You certainly don't want to run out of money. Budgie helps you build up and keep a "reserve tank" as a safety buffer against unexpected expenses.

How does it work?

Intelligent algorithms analyse expense history

Budgie analyses your spending and classifies expenses as regular bills, unplanned expenditures, or everyday purchases.


Everything starts with how often you are paid. If you are paid fortnightly, then you budget fortnightly. Your income is then divided into four categories:


Budgie detects regular mandatory expenses like rent, phone bill, and health insurance, and sets a budget for those items. It also detects large annual expenses such as car registration. Budgie sets aside enough each period so when that large bill arrives, you can pay it without a second thought.


Life is full of surprises: car repair, major dental work, or other large unplanned expenses can crop up from time to time. Budgie helps you set aside enough each period until you build up a healthy reserve to take the stress out of surprises when they occur.


You decide how much you want to save each period. If you do not have a separate saving account, Budgie can automatically keep track of how much of your balance is savings, and deduct that from the amount you have to spend.


Whatever is left is what you are free to spend, knowing that you have set aside enough to pay your bills. Budgie counts down the days until you are paid again, and shows you how much money you have left, so you can see how you are going at any time. Want to know if you can afford that purchase? A quick glance will tell you.