Ready for the New Payments Platform?

PaySim is next generation real-time payment compliance software

We empower financial institutions to confidently connect to the New Payments Platform at a fraction of the cost.

One-stop Testing

Test all of your NPP, Regression, and Stress test cases, for both inbound and outbound payments, using a single system.

Speed and cost to market

With the significant reduction in testing timeframes provided by PaySim, insitutions can deliver new initiatives to market significantly faster and with lower costs.


Ensure that all of your messages meet the stringent requirements of ISO20022 and NPP standards.

Capacity Planning

The volume testing module generates high volumes of transactions to simulate peak loads that could be expected in production.

Slash your testing time and cost

Increase confidence in compliance

Focus on business priorities instead

Check the messages you generate comply with all aspects of the standard

Create incoming test messages to check your response is correct

Predefine responses to your outbound messages

Generate test customers, including PayId, BSB, Account, and name.

Import and export test data

Simulate a network of partners and RBA

Assemble regression sets of payments between test customers

Generate high volumes of inbound messages to simulate peak demand

Ready for NPP!